Cheap Eats in Sydney!

Cheap eats in Sydney, Love Travel HD

Cheap Eats in Sydney!

Sydney has some of the best food in the world but we had limited funds when we visited. Here’s our top cheap eats in Sydney for those visiting on a budget!


Location: Cowper Wharf Roadway
We were lucky to have one of these little babies on route to the Sydney Harbour from our accommodation and had a cheap dinner here a couple of times passing through! (Sebs favourite!) It’s a little outdoor wagon with a few benches scattered around. It dates back to opened in 1947 and serves a selection of different pies with a large scoop of mash, mushy peas and gravy on top for only $5.50 AUD. Yum!


Location: Bayswater Road
We were sad to have only discovered this great little spot on our last night in Sydney! It’s serves mouth watering great burgers for around $10 AUD and you get free soft drinks when you order food. As the night goes on it turns into a bar/club with a D.J. and cocktails servers in teapots!


Location: Hunter Street
This one isn’t for everyone but Frankie’s Pizza is a little dive bar and restaurant in Sydney that serves delicious pizza slices for $5 and whole pizza’s for around $14 AUD. I say it’s not for everyone because attached is a live music venue which typically hosts screamo rock bands which can be overheard in the main restaurant. But even if the musics not your thing, for a quick cheap eat, the place is great!


Location: Anywhere!
For a winning cheap meal every time, try out one of Sydney’s great fish and chip takeaway bars. Head to Sydney’s legendary Bondi beach or the home of Australia’s rich and famous Manly beach for some seafood and chips and relax on the beach enjoying the view whilst eating it. Most shops will do a fish and chip combo with some calamari thrown in for about $15 AUD which will serve two.


Location: Llankelly Place.
This relatively new restaurant opens daily and serves a variety of pastas around $13 each, the owner is super friendly and makes all the pastas from scratch. We also stretched out and got a cannelloni for dessert which was super yummy!

There are a ton of different food options in Sydney suitable for all budgets. If you are visiting on a tight budget similar to us, we hope you find this helpful. If we’re missing anything… Let us know for next time!

Cheap eats in Sydney, Love Travel HD