Love Travel HD - Kelly and Seb

Hello and welcome to Love Travel HD!

We are Kelly and Seb, two newlywed 20 somethings from South East London, UK. We have been together for six and a half years and got married on the 30th April this year. We have always dreamed about travelling the world but up until now, always opted for the ‘normal life path’, working our way up the city career ladder, getting ourselves on the property ladder and saving as much money as possible. We like to travel to as many places as we can and have been slowly building up a homage to everywhere we’ve been on our fridge haha, but every time we return home, the post holiday blues always hit us hard and we can’t help but imagine what it would be like to travel from one amazing destination to other and then another for an extended period of time.

And so, now that we are married and many of our friends and family are asking us if babies are on the cards next for us, we have decided to go one last adventure before settling down. An extreme babymoon if you like haha! Maybe we’re stupid, we’ve just spent a whole year renovating our house and have spent years building careers and a comfortable life for ourselves, Kelly in the music industry and Seb a solid career in the banking industry. We could be risking it all. But would we be happy with the feeling that we’d never given our travelling dreams a chance? Probably not.

So here we are, putting the finishing touches to our initial itinerary and setting up our social media accounts ready for an adventure of a lifetime, we leave in January 2018. We’re putting no time limit on this and have only the vaguest of routes planned, so we would love to hear your ideas and tips of what to do and where to go!

We’ll be sharing our travelling adventures with you every week on YouTube and keeping you up to date on all social media too! Join us on this journey…

Kelly & Seb aka Love Travel HD x